Sony preparing to unveil the PlayStation 5 FIFA 23 Bundle with Dualsense Controller

Sony preparing to unveil the PlayStation 5 FIFA 23 Bundle with Dualsense Controller

The PlayStation 5 (both the optical and digital editions) will reportedly soon be bundled with FIFA 23 and an extra Dualsense Controller. FIFA 23 is set up to ship on September 30. This makes a lot of sense because FIFA normally relies on couch co-op, so having a second Dualsense controller is really helpful.

When and how Indian shops will start selling the FIFA 23 bundle are both unknowns. FIFA games have already been included in PlayStation bundles for their platforms, so this is very much on-brand for both EA and PlayStation.

The FIFA game brand is one of the most popular video game franchises in India, so it would be fascinating to see how this is priced. The additional Dualsense might also help move a lot more units.

The package will probably become accessible soon after the game launches on September 30, 2022. The PlayStation 5 is still selling exceptionally well, and Sony is now providing a number of packages that have recently been available in India as well.

The PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle was the most recent bundle to reach India. The package will be offered for both the console’s optical disc drive and digital edition models. Given that the package also contains a Dualsense controller, it is expected to cost substantially more than PlayStation’s previous PS5 bundles, like Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West.

This will also be EA Sports’ final football game to have the “FIFA” license when their long-term agreement comes to an end. It will be fascinating to watch if EA decides to change how updates or subsequent games in the series are released. The franchise will continue under the “EA Sports FC” label.

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