The Last of Us Part I is now available for PlayStation 5

The Last of Us Part I is now available for PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us Part I is currently on sale for Rs 4,999. Completely remade from the ground up for the PS5, the game features modernized graphics, technology, facial capture animation, gameplay, and more. It is an exact recreation of the 2013 contemporary classic.

Only next-generation consoles can play the game, which is marketed as the only way to fully experience The Last of Us’s narrative. The 2020 release of the 2013 game’s sequel, which has received universal acclaim, was one of the most commercially successful first-party PlayStation games to date.

The Last of Us Part I aims to refresh players’ experiences of the contemporary classic by bringing the original closer to how the sequel looked and performed.

While a segment of the gaming community concur that the new technology much closer the experience to the designers’ original vision, many also believe that the Rs 4,999 price tag may be asking too much of the player. Although this is a complete recreation of the 2013 game that has already been restored, many fans believe that the high price tag is excessive.

One is that The Last of Us Remastered, which is still available for purchase on the PlayStation Store, will not be considered an upgrade route for anyone who had acquired the game on the PS4. If they don’t want to pay full price, fans of the 2013 original could wait until the game is discounted in the coming months.

One of the projects Naughty Dog is presently working on is a live-service multiplayer game, the specifics of which are still unknown. In addition, it appears that the company is also working on a fantasy game, though that has not yet received formal confirmation.

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