The launch date of Vivo X90 series could be revealed on October 24

The launch date of Vivo X90 series could be revealed on October 24

The X80 series was just introduced by Vivo in India. The business unveiled its two premium smartphone products in India, the X80 and X80 Pro. In direct competition with smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S-series, the Vivo X-series has retained its reputation for providing top-notch photography performance. The X90 series will probably be released by Vivo shortly. No information has been formally confirmed by the corporation. However, the company could communicate with us shortly.

According to a Vivo event invitation, the business will hold an Imaging Strategy Conference on October 24. The business will present its brand-new, internally built image chip, maybe dubbed the Vivo V2. The next Vivo X90 series will have the same image chip.

Vivo introduced the X70 series in India along with its new V1 chip, whilst the X80 series introduced the V1+. Vivo created the new image chip to provide powerful computation, fast response times, and minimal power consumption. In order to create its own Image Signal Processor (ISP) and provide high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and thermal stability, the business also collaborated with renowned camera equipment manufacturer Zeiss.

The brand is going to provide enhancements in the total image performance while guaranteeing efficiency with the new V-series ISP. At the occasion on October 24, further information regarding the same will be disclosed.

We may anticipate the company announcing the launch date for the Vivo X90 series at the same event. Although the exact launch date is uncertain, the X90 series is rumored to make its debut in mid-November or December. Additionally, some information on the X90 series has previously been leaked.