There might be a cheap Nord in the works for India

There might be a cheap Nord in the works for India

There might be another Nord device on the way to join OnePlus’ ever-expanding Nord line. It will try to hit the previously unreached price point – under INR 20,000. Here we’re talking about the Indian market, of course, where past Nords have become rather popular in between INR 20,000 and INR 30,000. However, up until now there was no OnePlus device selling at a price point below INR 20,000, despite the fact that that’s the most popular price point in the sub-continent.

As per a new rumor from a generally reliable tipster, that may change later this year. OnePlus is said to be considering launching a Nord phone that will arrive with a price tag falling under INR 20,000 in the Indian market. The brand is apparently going to decide whether to go ahead or not “by the middle of Q2”, which could mean “by May”.

If the company decides to bring this smartphone to India, then it will make it to the market after the Nord 3 launches. That means sometime after July, and not any sooner, sadly. If this is true, it means OnePlus is planning at least three Nord phones for India this year – the Nord 2 CE is expected to debut first, in February.

The cheapest Nord, if it does arrive, will reportedly feature a 90Hz AMOLED display, a 50MP main camera on the back and a MediaTek 5G chipset. No other specs have surfaced at the moment.

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