Tokyo Game Show 2022 schedule shared by Square Enix

Tokyo Game Show 2022 schedule shared by Square Enix

Big gaming firms appear to be in droves at the Tokyo Game Show this year, showcasing brand-new games and sharing additional details about already-released ones. Many publishers and developers are sharing their TGS 2022 plans as the event’s starting date of September 15 draws nearer. For instance, Konami has pledged to launch a new game in a well-liked brand, while Capcom has said that it would host two broadcasts on the live stage. The findings of Square Enix’s formal announcement of what it will present at the Tokyo Game Show are quite unexpected.

The confirmation that Final Fantasy 16 and the second installment of the Final Fantasy 7 remake would be present at TGS is arguably the most intriguing of the information provided to fans about what they can expect to see there. After a list of all the titles Square Enix intended to present at the event was made public, it was previously thought that Final Fantasy 16 would not be included at Tokyo Game Show at all. Fans who thought Final Fantasy 16 was one of Square Enix’s most anticipated forthcoming releases were perplexed by its exclusion from that list.

Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will be present at this year’s TGS, as confirmed by this official information from Square Enix, although fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for any brand-new gameplay or trailers considering that neither game was initially anticipated to show up. Many anticipate that some previous trailers will be shown rather than anything new because there isn’t much anticipation around Final Fantasy 16’s presence at the Square Enix booth.

However, there’s still a chance that some fresh Final Fantasy 16 media may be revealed. Fans won’t know for sure what surprises may be in store for them until the Tokyo Game Show is done. Whatever the case, it appears Square Enix is putting more of a priority on its other future games at the time of writing. Along with other eagerly awaited titles like Tactics Ogre: Reborn and the upcoming Nier: Automata: The End of YoRHa edition for Switch, Forspoken, an action-adventure game, will be showcased.

There are many other exhibits at TGS for players to appreciate even if Square Enix doesn’t show off a lot of new material for either Final Fantasy 16 or Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth. As previously mentioned, Konami will make a new game announcement during the show, and Xbox will also be there. Additionally, a Resident Evil: Village demo will be available on the PS VR2 for the first time.

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