Tower of God: Mobile game coming on April 20, 2022

Tower of God: Mobile game coming on April 20, 2022

Season 1 of the Korean Webtoon, Tower of God, achieved huge success. Now the webtoon is coming in the form of a mobile RPG game in the coming month. The mobile RPG for the Tower of God is coming on April 20, 2022, as per the tweets and official sources on the official website.

This game is available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS. There are a lot of details missing in this mega news, but we still have a brief outlook of the game and the pre-registration filing. The 2D RPG action game will be available in South Korea on April 20, 2022, and we have a lot to gather.

The Tower of God is an elegant retailing of the original story paired with high-quality artwork and animation. It is a 2D RPG action game in a world of towers with the main character Bam, evolution system and exclusive knights. Players can go on a journey filled with adventures from climbing towers to different battle modes and level up Bam and its allies.

It even has a special battle mode only present in towers with boss raids and massive co-op battles. Players head to the top of the tower and attack the bosses with their allies along with a farming and trading system. This game is full of content with a thrilling storyline packed to the original fairytale of Tower of God.

There are quite a lot of blanks in the details which are yet to be filled, the devs have released a trailer, which is the only thing released so far with the grand opening date of 20 April, 2022. For now, players can start their pre-registrations.

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