Twitter Blue subscription service roll out officially kicks off

Twitter Blue subscription service roll out officially kicks off

The firm has just released its first significant upgrade, which is connected to the Twitter Blue subscription service, days after Elon Musk purchased Twitter. The new $8 monthly Twitter Blue membership has now been made available.

Users that subscribe on a monthly basis will have access to quick verification, which will appear as a blue checkmark next to their profile. Among other things, it allows users to submit lengthier videos and reduces the amount of visible advertising on the network.

It’s interesting to note that just the verification check mark appears to be available right now out of all the additional features that are included in the new Twitter Blue plan, which are all described as “coming soon.” Additionally, the $8 monthly cost is marked as a “limited-time deal,” suggesting that the cost of the membership may go up.

Earlier, Twitter offered additional context about verification check marks with a message stating that accounts were verified because they were “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.” Now, clicking the blue check says that “this account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue.”

When the social networking site started tagging certain significant accounts with the “Official” designation, such as those belonged to celebrities, important magazines, and politicians, the verification process on Twitter got confusing. But after a few hours, Musk declared that the deployment had been “simply terminated.”

Elon Musk has positioned premium account verification as a method to make Twitter viable and boost platform trust since taking over the business. Since practically anybody may pay for verification and then possibly change their account name to mimic another user, opponents assert that this action is likely to have the opposite effect.