Ubisoft shared the first gameplay trailer of the Skull & Bones, the open world pirate game

Ubisoft shared the first gameplay trailer of the Skull & Bones, the open world pirate game

One of Ubisoft’s most anticipated upcoming titles, Skull & Bones, now has the basic gameplay loop shown off in a new gameplay overview. The game’s release date was also disclosed along with the new gameplay, and it will be November 8 for the PlayStation ⅘, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia and PC.

The game effectively combines survival tactics with naval combat and players are entrusted with putting together their crew, feeding and motivating them and engaging in a ton of piracy throughout the wide seas.

The players start off as lowly shipwrecks who must gather resources and work their way up the notoriety ladder to become the most dreaded pirate. Keeping your cargo well-stocked with supplies like food and ammo is a crucial aspect of the gaming cycle.

Before beginning a journey, players must be ready for anything. Pirate dens will be spread out around the game world, providing players with the opportunity to interact with one another, manufacture new ships and equipment, purchase cargo and take on contracts.

Compared to other Ubisoft games, Skull & Bones seems to have a fairly thin plot, giving it a more MMORPG-like vibe. It looks that the scope of the game will be greater than most other Ubisoft MMORPGs, such as The Division, given the extraordinary amount of time it has taken to build.

Given the numerous difficulties it encountered during production, it has been uncertain whether Skull & Bones would ever be released for the greater part of the previous ten years. It looks like we will be able to play the game this year after it was postponed, canceled and then brought back.

Skull & Bones is one of the year’s most anticipated titles, so Ubisoft will want to come out swinging on day one. Since it is an MMORPG, post-launch support in the form of additional missions, goods and ships is very certainly going to be provided.

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