Unfair activities in Tower of Fantasy may result in 10 years account ban

Unfair activities in Tower of Fantasy may result in 10 years account ban

Tower of Fantasy has declared severe penalties for anyone who engage in illicit actions, such as cheating and meddling with the game’s economic equilibrium and resource allocation. A 10-year ban was imposed for utilizing any unethical means to obtain in-game resources and mission prizes on Tower of Fantasy’s official website and Twitter account. Let’s examine the announcement’s specifics to determine its message.

According to the release, cheaters who unlawfully steal in-game materials will be punished by a 10-year account suspension, as well as cheaters who abuse other game modes like Bygone Phantasm.

When version update 1.5 is released, the developers will likewise remove these accounts from the ranking. Tower of Fantasy has suspended 3371 accounts as of September 7th. The creators reaffirmed their commitment to fighting cheating over the long term and asked for players’ assistance in reporting cheating and abuses.

The newest gacha game, Tower of Fantasy, was created by Hotta Studios and released by Level Infinite. The game was primarily restricted to China, but after gaining enormous popularity, it entered limited beta testing before going global this past August. Players have encountered a wide range of issues since the game’s debut.

Tower of Fantasy has already spoken out against the gamers’ blatant cheating and taken appropriate measures. Nevertheless, the game continued to gain popularity, and its producers never stopped trying to make the game’s cheating situation better.

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