Vivo V27 expected to arrive in India in February 2023

Vivo V27 expected to arrive in India in February 2023

Today, some information on the launch schedule for vivo’s next mid-range smartphone series for the Indian market was made public. We’re referring to the V27 family, which will logically debut to replace the V25 series.

A recent story purporting to be from “industry sources” claims that the vivo V27 series would debut in India in February 2023. The V27, V27 Pro, and V27e are the three versions that will be part of the family. Only the first two of these will be made available in February. The V27e will come after, and is expected to be the least expensive of the three.

This source suggests that we should anticipate “notable upgrades” in design and hardware specs, which sounds promising even if there haven’t been any further V27 model leaks to yet. The trio will reportedly be powered by Dimensity chipsets from MediaTek.

Now that the metaphorical floodgates appear to have opened, maybe more information will come to light. It’s important to keep in mind that vivo officially launched the V25 series in August, making the launch of the V27 line in February precisely six months later. It remains to be seen if the projected changes would be sufficient to warrant such a rapid succession.

Other vivo-related news is that the V25 4G will go on sale in India towards the middle of this month. This is anticipated to be the same as the vivo V25e 4G, which launched internationally in August.