Vivo X90 Pro tipped specs reveal a 1-inch camera sensor

Vivo X90 Pro tipped specs reveal a 1-inch camera sensor

The X80 series was just introduced by Vivo in India. The Vivo X80 and X80 Pro is the company’s most recent high-end flagship smartphone, which were introduced in India. By the end of this year, Vivo should unveil its new flagship series. Two new smartphones are anticipated for the Vivo X90 series. The Vivo X90 and X90 Pro are two of these. No information has been formally confirmed by the corporation.

Prior to its introduction, a fresh leak has disclosed the Vivo 90 Pro’s key specs. A Chinese source provided the information that the X90 Pro would include a new Snapdragon chipset.

The X90 series is set to debut in China thanks to efforts by Vivo. Along with the vanilla variant, the business will shortly introduce the Vivo X90 Pro. Unknown is the precise debut date. The X90 series is anticipated to make its debut in November or December, just after the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. It’s also conceivable that the X90 series may make its debut early in 2019, similar to how the X80 series did in the second quarter of 2022.

The latest Qualcomm SoC made in 4nm will be found in Vivo’s forthcoming X90 Pro. The leaker also provided information on the phone’s other features. According to the source, the X90 Pro will come equipped with support for 100W fast charging. It will be strange to see Vivo not provide its currently existing 120W fast charging technology, even if this will be an improvement above the 80W fast charging of the X80 series.

According to the source, the phone would also have a bigger battery. Battery capacity for the X80 series is 4700 mAh. Therefore, a 5000 mAh battery can be anticipated in the X90 series.

The Vivo X90 Pro will have a 1-inch sensor in addition to the information on the performance unit, according to the report. The specifics of the sensor are yet unclear. The phone will include a periscope zoom camera, according to the report.

The phone’s other features are yet unknown. Once further information is available, we will divulge it.